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On The Trail of Shadows and Light

I know that isn’t the official trail name. But there was this dance happening from early morning to early afternoon that defied any better description. Oh. My. God. Part of that “oh my god” was for the relentless UP UP UP of this trail. I don’t know that I really got the right impression from… Continue reading On The Trail of Shadows and Light



A couple years ago I started compiling a list of “lasts”. You know, those things in your life you have done for the last time. My diminished abilities dictate some, advancements in technology others. Some might call these tech changes “progress” but really I’m not too sure. Here’s how it started … Things I’ve done… Continue reading Lasts

Coming of Age · Raymond Carver · Spring

What We Talk About When We Talk About Love

What we talk about when we talk about love. I get a picture in my mind every time I see this sentence. Two couples talking about life and love as ” light was draining out of the room”. Raymond Carver always wrote about what he knew. Drinking, loss, heartbreak, the ordinary and the subtle fade… Continue reading What We Talk About When We Talk About Love