A Wish


Every day, sometime before noon, I drop a coin in the wishing pot that lives in the fine furnishings consignment shop on my route. I used to wish for specific things, like a sunny day when clouds were forecast or an easy commute or a particular outcome to a problem I was having. It didn’t take long to see the folly in that. Lately, when I drop my coin (or two) I only wish for one thing: that I might continue to keep an open heart.


It’s not that I’m ever really worried that I might abandon that. I can’t really imagine living any other way. For me, that tiny wish is a reminder. A touchstone to the place in me from where all my attentiveness arises. As that coin slips from my hand I remember that an open heart is,

well … everything.




Beautiful things emerge when we are open to them. I am listening.


Monday I’m heading to another beautiful place. I’m like a little kid tonight. Several months ago I might have wished for perfect weather ( looks like I’ll get that anyway ) or maybe for a perfect drive ( whatever that is ).

But today, like every other day these past several months, I only wished for one thing: an open heart.


The journey really is the reward ♡