A Tuesday in January

Tuesday. Nothing really special about that day as weekdays go. I’ve survived the re-entry of Monday and it’s way too early to start thinking about the weekend. Or is it ?

It’s my Dad’s birthday today. 82 years young and feisty as ever. If you ever wonder where I get my kind streak and my big heart, I’d have to say it is genetic. Something wonderful happened when my parents met and married. They made good people. They gave us the best of each of them and I wear the word ‘kind’ like a badge. Thanks Dad, for your piece in that. Today we celebrate you.FB_IMG_1517315882964FB_IMG_1517315560841

It was a much nicer Tuesday weather-wise than it was supposed to be. I always pay attention to the sky. My fondness has grown as we have become more intimate. I feel like I am a part of something wild and vast and ever-changing. Pretty good sky-day this afternoon. I had no idea how beautiful it would finish. Like nailing the dismount of a day … high-fives all around.20180130_130222

And then I saw these wee shoots and my heart was singing !20180130_133151

As luck would have it, I got a visit with Sophie today too. She wore a lovely purple dress. No, really. She ABSOLUTELY WORE that thing. You could tell that she just felt, well … pretty.


After a visit with Sophie, I saw Lucky. It has broken my heart clean through to hear that my old minstrel of urban travel is dying. They found a large mass on her spleen. Now, it is just a waiting game. She is ageless to me but I see the years in her grey muzzle. No heroics with this one. Her Dad will keep her comfortable and watch for signs that it is time. Selfishly, I want her to linger, but I know that is not best for anyone. So until the day that I walk into Kawasaki and she isn’t lumbering happily toward me, I’ll be attentive. She will be a part of my sky. She is already so much a part of my heart ♡


On my drive home the sky was calling again. It beckons me with the sweetest call. I always answer yes. When it comes to the sky my answer will never be anything but “I’ll be right there”.


And the crows came too …

My beautiful black beauties ♡


And winding my way through the city I see a glimpse of that Super-Blood-Blue moon. I can never capture it, but I clumsily try. Tuesday is saying goodnight. And then it softly whispers that I should get home. And so I go.