The Threads That Hold Us Together

What a hard week. Sometimes taking a step back is really taking a step forward. Today was like a big leap ! Summerland is one of my favorite hikes and Laura is one of my favorite people. Kismet !


The forecast was pretty iffy for the day. Showers, clouds, rain … we didn’t care. The mountain was calling, and well, we listened.


We headed out early. As we approached Sunrise Rd, the light was beginning to spread out across the sky. By the time we hit Sunrise Point, we could see the sun trying to peek through the clouds. We hit the trail early. 7:45 by my watch. The hike begins through the beautiful woods along Frying Pan Creek. The air was musky. It stopped us in our tracks a few times. Something wild in the air always gets my heart pumping a little faster.


The woods were alive today. Mushrooms were everywhere ! Who knew there were so many varieties.



When the colors start to change in the mountains I love the white backdrop of a cool and cloudy fall day. The trail was gorgeous. It always is. In the early summer here the trail is lined with avalanch lilies, glacier lilies, tiger lilies, lupine, huckleberries and paintbrush. The colors are striking against the green leaves and blue skies.
In the fall the mountain trails give themselves over to the colors of transition. The leaves squeeze out every ounce of green and the reds and orange and yellows rule the day.



It was nice to spend the day feeling connected. Both to the mountain I love so much and the friend I know so well. We have forty years of shared history. On a week when I felt so untethered, it was the thread of this person and this place that kept me feeling connected.
I hope I never forget the really good people that surround me. I know with certainty that this mountain helps me stay grounded, over and over, again and again.