Time Away

I had a long list of things I had hoped to accomplish these last couple days: letters, catching up on email and finishing a pesky blog post that I began but can’t seem to finish. Instead, I have rested, made some art and watched the birds. Always time well spent.

The sunrise this morning was its own distraction. I found myself exiting the freeway and driving toward the eastern sky that was ablaze in hot color. I was heading to the refuge in Ridgefield to visit my fur and feather friends, but c’mon … look at that sky. I found a quiet road to take in the morning.

I headed toward my destination with a heart more full than when I started.

And as much as I love the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge, today was a bit of a bust. It’s still summer-dry and there are people in a hurry to get quickly through this auto tour. I think they might be missing the point. Seriously. It’s a refuge. It’s something to savor, not something to accomplish. I am bewildered a lot by people these days … I’ll leave it at that.

The place I’ve called home the past couple nights is really where nature is thriving. Resident birds, familiar paths, a few enthusiastic flower blooms and a mostly spent garden. In the woods and all around, the leaves are beginning to turn and at night there is a chill in the air. THIS I love so much.

Did I mention the birds?

It’s been a lovely few days.

By the way, my friend and host Gretchen wrote a book. And as much as it may seem she wrote it for her Mother or for herself, she really wrote it for all of us. Watch for a post here later this week on how you can get your hands on a copy. It’s beautiful and honest and relevant. I think you’ll love it. I did.