Wordy Wednesday

I had planned something different for this post but then I went for my morning walk and the Universe had a different plan for me. My walks mimic life. The best time is had with the least expectation of it. You can plan all you like, but there is no certainty about what you will encounter even a step beyond where you are. Like life.

Preparation is always good but never to the exclusion of good old fashioned “wait and see”. The world is such a stunning, magical place isn’t it ?

Rufous hummingbird in the nest

This was a “lifer” for me. I’ve seen hummingbirds, of course, but never this close and nesting. What a precious, sweet creature. This nest is less than two inches tall, sitting in the crook of a branch. Lucky for me, I met two friends (who might be my lucky charms for unique discoveries. Thank you, Susan and Keitha) and was directed to the nest location.

Rufous hummingbird nearby

Then we proceded to the estuary trail. As we started walking away from the boardwalk we saw an adult bald eagle swoop down out of our sight. We walked quickly back to discover this beauty. Really a stunner.


Continuing my walk I encountered Bewicks wrens, marsh wrens, swallows, a great-horned owl and wood ducks high in the trees. I’m grateful for a good zoom lens on these days. Truth is, most of my days here leave me speechless, but this one gets a story. It isn’t every day you get to see a tiny humminbird nest in nature. And so be it.

In every walk with Nature one receives far more than he seeks.

-John Muir