A Sure Thing

I make a mental note as I’m approaching the Visitors Center at Sunrise that it is 70° already and just 5:35 AM. I’m about to scribble those numbers to myself in my handy little notebook, when a Cascadian black fox passes in front of my car. It catches me off guard, but I instinctively scramble for my camera to get a shot. No such luck. He’s lightening fast.

As I return the camera to my seat. I see movement to my left. It’s the young Cascadian red fox I saw a few days ago, but this time I get a good look. I guess it’s a female because this creature is so stunningly beautiful. Her fur ranges from red to white to gray to black and those eyes! Swoon. I fall in love instantly.

As she bounds off, I see her meet up with the black fox I saw a minute ago. They seem friendly and race off together onto the Silver Forest trail from the road. I change my plan for the day (Dege Peak) and happily go off in search of them on the back side of the parking lot. I dont see them again, but it was a really lovely morning. Here was my walk … 💚

That look? Bugs dive bombing me whenever I stopped. Tis the season!