An Ode to Everyday Mercy

Picture this: 

I’m drawing my (almost daily) bath
This tub isn’t fancy
It’s a one-piece enclosure 
With a wall that imitates tile

I don’t quite fit
I can’t immerse my whole body
Not all at once
But I’ve learned to love what it is

I have small plastic tea lights
In the shape of candles
Activated by water and floating
On bluish water in white porcelain 

On the wall across from me
A spider, its body the size of a nail head
Its motion, flickering like a flame
Heading down to the floor and safety

There are days I can’t share this space
Not even with a tiny, harmless spider
But today is not one of those days
I let it live … and it slips into a crack

Everyday mercy

4 Comments on “An Ode to Everyday Mercy

  1. Poetry! Between the candles and the unmentioned skylight, it sounds like a Calgon ad of yore. I moved a pot on the deck the other day, and there was a tree frog under it. It half slipped into the crack, then back out to look at me. A lovely communion with one of nature’s creatures.

    • Calgon take me away … yes.
      Love the little frog. I’ll be those towhees and robins would be interested in that discovery too, but for different reasons. Thanks for being here.

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