Mount Rainier

Awesome bird day today at Sunrise.

We started out at around 6 this morning and circled the lower trails and service roads. I love days like this and we even logged about 8.5 miles with just a few hundred feet elevation. Perfect.


The maintained trail ends at just .6 miles, but you can continue for miles. I’ve been nursing an injury and this was just the day I needed.

We spotted a Red Cascadian fox on the Silver Forest trail but it never came close enough to get a photo. The photo below is one I took last year in the same area . It’s such a gorgeous creature and such serendipity to see it again.

12 Comments on “Mount Rainier

  1. Good sighting of the fox, Bonnie! You saw a lot of birds that day. Loved the bluebirds-I had six in my backyard yesterday. šŸ™‚

    • Thank you! Oh, those bluebirds are just fabulous. I rarely see them anywhere else, so I’m really tickled when I do.

  2. For those of us who don’t get to Mt. Rainier, these photos are such a plus. Thank you for the journey. Ann

    • Thank you, Ann. I actually thought of you yesterday, remembering a comment you made months ago reminding me that neither miles nor speed mattered. The important part was what we see when we slow down. TouchĆ©!

  3. So many exquisite shots, amazing birds in relative disarray, scenes and paths and slopes. But somehow I especially love the one of you sitting on the rock in front of the mountain. Resolute, at home there, and absolutely not to be messed with.

    • Oh, it was such a great bird day! Staying off of the higher trails was a treat. There were far fewer people and far more birds. By 10, the parking lot was completely full which made our choices even more profound. And I liked that picture too, me in my element!

    • Oh yes, last year that fox was right next to me, this year not so lucky. It was a really lovely meander yesterday. My body is thanking me today.

  4. I love that you can see the molting feathers on these birds… and the fox is gorgeous. 8.5 miles doesn’t sound like being gentle on an injury to me… but I can go a distance as long as it’s not zig-zag UPUPUP.

    • It was a spectacular bird day. We saw the fox a few different times and it seems to have a beautiful coat. The mileage seems easy without the UPUPUP … my body feels pretty good today!

  5. Love. What trail were you on? I was thinking, I should do an easy wander sometime, no destination, no goal. Then I remembered that’s kind of what I do on Meadow Rove days. It’s different though, I’m not on my own. Pondering. It’s a good idea. It would be amazing to see that fox, even if unable to photograph it.

    • At Sunrise there are several service roads that can be taken to trail junctions. A mama bear and her cubs have been spotted back there so we went looking. We took that road to the junction for either a climb to Frozen Lake or to Shadow Lake via Sunrise Camp. We chose the latter lake. We continued on the Silver Forest trail which is where the foxes frequent. Going beyond the “end of maintained trail” sign you can meander for miles with gorgeous views, tons of birds and very few people. I’d love for you to see that fox. It takes your breath away. Hope you get out for a day like this too, your body will thank you for the beautiful walk*

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