Wordless Wednesday

Mount Rainier/ Paradise

High Skyline/ Pebble Creek/Panorama Point/Alta Vista/ Golden Gate

Above the clouds for a morning walk πŸ’š

Is there anything better?

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    • Still some snow up on High Skyline but nothing tricky. Went to Pebble Creek for what I think was the first time. I forget how steep Golden Gate is, but I seem to forget just how beautiful it is at Paradise, too. Balance. So. Many. People. But a refuge CAN be found. Also, we met and spent the day with Rachel, who I found out later, was the one who did guided birdwalks through the Seminary Hill Natural Area. She’s awesome! Small world.

  1. I love how this place looks so different every time you show it to me. I’m so glad you get to keep going back. Thank you, gorgeous!

    • Every season has something new. We decided to go after hearing of a wolverine up near Panorama Point. We didn’t happen upon any wolverines, bear or foxes, but it was a great excuse to get above the clouds for a really delicious walk. The gray-crowned rosy finch was a lifer for me! I hope you’ll make it out here this summer or fall. Maybe our fabulous trio could make a day of it!

  2. The sheer sweep of these images… just exceptional! The beauty of the flora and the cuteness of the β€˜fauna’ … so touching! Lovely outing!

    • Oh yes, it was wonderful! We are quite companionable as hikers, Casey and I, taking it all in slowly. We can go higher and farther when we relax into our turtle pace. No race to get anywhere. And it’s just so stinkin’ gorgeous at every turn!

    • Such a kind thing to say of my very passionate hobby. Thank you! I let the flora, fauna and fabulous mountain terrain do all the work. I’m mostly an attentive, patient observer.

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