The Calm

The Flowers – The very first Indian Paintbrush; orange at lake level, magenta 1000 feet up, and avalanche lillies everywhere!

The Trail – I went up about 3/4 of the way but thought twice before I made the last snowy trek before the corner. Snow is melting fast and the rocky chutes are covered in slippery snow. Going up is okay, but coming down is slippery. Spikes had nothing to bite into. I’ll finish this one when the snow is gone, but unfortunately the lillies will be gone too.

The Artsy shots – tree bark and a couple shutter-burst shots of rocks in the stream of cold mountain snow melt.

The Mountain – views were incredible after the socked-in valley of Ashford. The higher you climbed, the clearer it got.

Not many birds spotted today, but I chased this well-disguised little guy around until he lazily opened his wings. Bugs aren’t bad yet and the crowds will only grow as the holiday weekend nears.

Once the snow melts at the beginning of this trail chances are good that the rocky chutes will be melted out too.

8 Comments on “The Calm

    • Of course you do! Getting up through snowy chutes is pretty manageable. It’s the coming down that is tricky. The last big one saw me slip and I was in an awkward place to brace myself. I am feeling it this morning for sure.

  1. The hills are alive! Everything is beautiful, special love for those artsy shots.

    • Anytime I see something really unique and stunning on my travels I always think of you! I need a little braecelet reminder: WWJD : What Would Jocelyn Do ! Haha.

  2. You’ll be back there soon enough, and it will all be equally beautiful, but different. And you’ll chase some damn thing up and down the trails for that exquisite shot.
    I have never seen avalanche lilies before, so thank you! These photos are all beautiful and many of them so uniquely you.
    The calm before the storm is the sweetest, and a good way to bolster yourself before the coming week.

    • Yes, Nancy, of course I’ll be back! In a few weeks the paintbrush will take the place of the lillies that are there now. It was such a gorgeous day. Only a handful of people but that will likely change too. It further filled my reserve for the days ahead. Thanks for always being here ❤️

  3. Some of the images look like “stills” from ‘The Sound of Music,” positively Alpine! And I have NEVER seen a butterfly with that umber coloring! Bravo, Bon!!!

    • The avalanche lillies were everywhere! It did sort of feel like The Sound of Music! Well, mostly. I don’t remember any boulders in Julie Andrew’s meadow!

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