Marmot Mountain Monday

10 Comments on “Marmot Mountain Monday

  1. It really does seem that way, doesn’t it?! I think my only real trick is in paying attention and it has served me well!

  2. Like the birds, the marmots are saying, “hey here’s Bonnie Rae finally! Let’s give her her money’s worth!” 🙂 So great you caught all this.

    • Yes, exactly right. I just decided to go last night and despite more people than I usually encounter, it was a very good day!

    • Right? I counted at least nine and I didn’t even do the whole loop! They look fluffy, feisty and healthy.

  3. I do love our marmots! It’s hard to believe they’re just giant ground squirrels. When I was at Palouse Falls the last two times, a marmot was climbing and eating a sagebrush, and one was climbing and eating the lilacs! I had no idea they could climb bushes/trees!

    • Thanks, Jocelyn! Those marmots are the best! Waiting for Paradise to melt out a bit more before my next visit.

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