An Ode to Place

Walking out to the curb with the trash bin, I see that the birch has sprung wholly to life. As if it happened overnight, the leaves are a rich, dense green. The little bit of wind today turns the whole dang thing into a song and now I feel a little bit like dancing. Well, maybe not exactly like that, but I do recognize how change comes over my world … slowly, slowly, then all at once. 

Sunday, I walked the refuge. Spring came in hot there too. The fields are overgrown and the ponds have a light, white coating of cottonwood. The birdsong is loud, almost raucous, but I spotted very few of my feathered friends in the trees. Stepping onto the wood planks of the estuary boardwalk, time seems to stand still. I send a friend a photo and she writes back that it looks like an historical image. It could have been 1923 or 2023. Just another thing I love about this place. Reflections of a different time.

Spring has sprung in the Puyallup Valley too. Just 30 minutes from me is this field of lupine. I took a walk before I started my day and I wasn’t disappointed. Common yellow-throats, white-crowned sparrows and sweet little Savannah sparrows balancing on the swaying twigs. In another week this field should be in full bloom. A sea of purple. 

So much to love here. And so I do.

12 Comments on “An Ode to Place

  1. Your words touch me. And those reflections images, especially the black and white ones, are just stunning. I hope the refuge picks them up and uses them somewhere.

    • Thanks, G. That boardwalk can ground me like nothing else. It really is almost made for black & white photography. I was looking back at my dozens and dozens of visits here and I think you were the one who told me about this place years ago. So thank you!

  2. Your framing on the first and last photo are just perfect. In the last one, it’s lupine, yes? The blue frame is outstanding. Ah Bonnie. Thank you.

    • Thanks, Crystal. Yes, lupine! The white-crowned and Savannah sparrows love it here. The yellow-throat was a surprise and I saw cedar waxwings and goldfinches too! Lovely morning walk*

  3. Divine! Today I observed two hoopoes following one another from branch to line to branch and my day is made. Sparrows would do the same. Hurrah for our prehistoric feathery friends.

    • Wow! I just looked that bird up! Fabulous* I don’t often get the itch to travel, but I’d love to see some of the birds in this big International community.

  4. I am running out of adjectives to adequately describe the awe so many of your images fill me with, Bon. The width and breadth of what your “eye” captures is growing as you soak up the beauty and atmosphere around you. It is more than talent… it is what you seek, and ultimately, what you FIND…* ♥️

    • I love that you can see some growth. There are a few places I have focused my attention and this is certainly one of them. It means a lot that you keep showing up here and cheering me on*

  5. mmm sparrow in the lupine, so lovely! and the boardwalk pics are optical illusion, dizzying. Certain these are holy places!

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