Wordless Wednesday

Painted Hills in the Oregon Outback

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    • I can’t believe it took me 61 years to get there! Really gorgeous and I’m guessing they are different in every season.

  1. Gorgeous! I didn’t even know about this amazing place! So many places yet to see that are not so far away. Thank you for sharing it.

    • I think you would love the drive and a hike or two through the mounds. It was almost surreal the way that light changed the colors. I may go back in the fall.

  2. I thought I had seen first hand or otherwise most of what this country has to offer, visually… but once again, BRN, you have proved me wrong. Thank you eversomuch for that kaleidoscopic panoply of images!

    • It’s a stunning place and I’ve wanted to go for awhile. Glad you enjoyed it too. Other-wordly for sure!

    • Thanks so much, Nancy. All of me is resting for sure. Well, until my next trip! Thanks for always being here*

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