Swedish Pancakes and Great Blue Heron

The Swedish Club in downtown Seattle has a lovely spread of Swedish pancakes and ham every first Sunday of a new month. It had been awhile since we were out and seemed like a good Sunday morning treat.

The rookery of the great blue herons at Commodore Park near the Ballard Locks was the bonus. I didn’t see any chicks yet, but the air was filled with the “tik tik tik” of hatchlings so we know it’s close to the time we’ll see the awkward little chicks with their shock of wild hair make their way in the world. How lucky are we to be so close!

8 Comments on “Swedish Pancakes and Great Blue Heron

  1. I am a sucker for all your photos—but especially the blue herons. They’ve been photographed a billion times but you capture them in all dimensions! Thank you!!!

    • Thank you, Bailey! I love that you appreciate my efforts to get a more unique perspective of these beauties. When the chicks are hatched I expect some really fun shots.

  2. Stunning. And pancakes. I went there with the family a couple times. My former MIL was Swedish and we always had stacks of Swedish pancakes when we visited. The tradition and the art of it (cast iron griddle required) has been passed through the generations to my children. But I never get them anymore. 🙁

    • Maybe just as you wrote the book you needed to read, you can make the pancakes you’d like to eat! (Or there is always every first Sunday at The Swedish Club. We will take Mom and Dad next month. Meet us!) The heron were a bonus.

  3. Stunning, wow, and oh my goodness! I’m so glad you made all those photos clickable so I can see them on my big screen. The detail of feather and color is remarkable. Thank you for bringing them into my house. We have a fantastic “Nordic” restaurant called Broder, when you come to visit.

    • Thanks, Nancy. I have another trip planned north when the chicks hatch up in Everett. They are at the marina and nests are at eye level so even more detail is possible. Glad to share with those who appreciate the little things. Broder sounds fun! Long history here at the Swedish Club. Hoping to take my folks next month since they haven’t been in years.

  4. The top photo is like a Japanese painting, so lovely. Thank you always for your marvelous eye on Nature.

    • I was thinking that too! I had a woman I recently met at the refuge ask about painting one of my photos. I hope she did. This would make a good one with the soft color. Thanks for noticing.

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