Feathers and Friends

This morning at Nisqually I met up with “the crew” for a morning of owl watching. I call them “the crew” because there are many of us that met just before/ during/ after the pandemic through our mutual love of nature. I love them. We might never have met if not for such an unusal coming together. Gifts are everywhere if we pay attention.

The Great-horned owls and their young offspring have been nesting far back in the trees. The young ones have yet to fledge so we know where to look for them. It’s a bit of a challenge and my pictures are not as clear as I would like, but I love sharing. Enjoy.

Below is the tree that holds the nest and if you enlarge this photo, you’ll see an owlet in the middle-right of the “w” formed by the tree trunks.

There is also another Mama getting our attention, a rufous hummingbird. In the photo below you can look for the nest dead-center. She’s an attentive mama and we tried not to linger so as not to stress her out. Beautiful, delicate creature

The swallows have returned to the barns and are claiming their nesting spots.

Mourning doves are back in the orchard
Sparrows are everywhere
Chorus frogs are back!
And these guys too!

Friday I spent the day at Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge and saw all of these lovelies on the auto tour. Great weekend … and it’s not even over yet!

9 Comments on “Feathers and Friends

  1. “Gifts are everywhere if we pay attention.” As Nancy said, this is the part that touched me most. But also, the engineering on that tiny nest: I am in awe. The photo of the Black Phoebe is outstanding. Gosh, you have talent. I’m glad you have a crew and can share in this treasure hunting together. Love the fuzzy owlings. <3

    • Just heard this morning that the babies (owlets) have fledged! Our group is fabulous. If you ever venture up this way you’re likely to meet several on any given day! Would love to have you join us.

  2. I think your eye has become as sharp as your lens at this point, focusing in on the tiniest detail that the rest of us miss. Good work!
    I am feeling this keenly: “We might never have met if not for such an unusual coming together. Gifts are everywhere if we pay attention.”

    • We have such a great group! I feel so fortunate. Thanks for the kind words. I think the birds are making me more attentive than I ever even imagined!

  3. You are such an amazing photographer! Thank you for sharing these photos. We have lots of hummingbirds here but I have never yet found a nest. I am so impressed that you did!

    • Oh, Alice, thank you so much !
      The little rufous on her nest is a delight. We watched a mama last year too. It takes a little patience in early spring to watch them fly into a spot over and over. Oddly, both nests were built very near the boardwalk. I wonder if a fairly regular presence of people actually keeps predators away? So lucky, I am πŸ’•

    • It just does my heart good to know you are along for my travels. I love spring when everything is new and I have new love and respect for the pollinators because of you πŸ’š

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