A World We’ll Never See

I’m a rebel. 

I slather butter on buttery croissants, I drizzle chocolate sauce on Rocky Road ice cream and I’m obsessed with photographing beautiful birds in already stunning landscapes. 

I write about things I’m passionate about even as most of you come here for the photos. I don’t dress or speak or behave for others. After 61 years I am finally too old/wise/woke to really care what others might think of me. I’m kind and respectful but in a fierce kind of way. 

I’ve been thinking about what it really means to care for the earth. It goes well beyond us and what we might do today. We have to be committed to providing a place to thrive for all living things as if we believed in the long game. It’s an ‘act as if’ proposition. We do good today in the event we live to see another, and then act to perpetuate that good in that new day. Rake up the branches, turn up the soil, drop in the seeds. Have faith that these moments and acts of care will ripple out beyond what we can see.

As Earth Day approaches I am reminded of the women I have drawn into my orbit for their passionate words and committment to living meaningful lives in service to friends, family and Mama Nature. These are “walk your talk” women. Those who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty or push personal boundaries. They teach by story and good works. Often, they teach by example. As we slip further into spring I want to share them with you. My gift of the season. 

Please click the follow button on their blogs if you’d like to be inspired. They are not just mentors to me, but dear friends. Happy Earth Week, my lovelies ο’œ

Now get out there and make your corner a little better ! Thank you, as always, for joining me here. It means the world to me

Gretchen *Bonnie Rae* Nancy

Gretchen: Writing Down the Story

Nancy: Rivers and Roads PDX

Christina and Ann

Christina: Christina Baldwin

Ann: Ann Linnea

Karen Maezen Miller * Bonnie Rae

Karen Maezen Miller: Cheerio Road

And just for fun, here are a few shots from Knutson Farms down in Sumner Washington. Gorgeous day for a walk and a surprisingly quiet tulip field. No people = better photographs. Seems under threat of thunderstorms was a nice time to go.

14 Comments on “A World We’ll Never See

    • Thanks so much, Ann. I spent the day at Dosewallips State Park in the bluster that is late spring. Saw a few Brant geese and Caspian terns, more signs of spring.

  1. Just planted 4 fruit trees in our ever expanding food forest (and trying to plant without tilling)
    We are extremely popular with birds, bear, and deer. And I can assure you, the bear is an unreliable pruner of apple trees! (He may have delayed the smallest apple for a few years but the other five will hold his weight.
    Beautiful post! Now I’m off to check out those other happy blogs. Thanks for sharing!

    • Oh, to be popular with birds, bear and deer. I can’t think of anything better! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. I was just going to say what Bailey said. I’m here for it all. I love that you speak up and speak out, that you care so much for others, even those you don’t know. And, I’m touched that you included me in this awesome company. Thank you. And your photos are simply amazing. (And that tulip patch without people??? You’re now a flower whisperer too!)

    • Thank you, friend. I’m impressed by the care you give to your garden and it’s many seasonal visitors. I hope others will find you too! It was so great to be there with just a handful of others. It’s not a large field but it’s impressive right now!🌷

  3. Oh, thank you so much, Bailey. I’m always so happy to see you here. Glad to be traveling this path with company.

  4. Wonderful words. And, for the record, I come for the words and your drawings as much as the birds! But the birds drew me here at first. Thank you!

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