Commodore Park in Ballard

The heron have returned to the park to nest and it is a whirlwind of activity! The nest-building and occasional tussle (maybe even a love connection or two) were a delight to witness this morning. I think a field trip is in order! Any local takers?

And a few cormorants too!

I can’t wait to return!

10 Comments on “Commodore Park in Ballard

  1. Gorgeous photos! Finding a heron rookery is a real coup. The only thing missing is the sound, because they are truly raucous. Thank you for another photographic treat! Ann

    • Oh, Ann, you are so right! It was a cacophony of sounds. It’s mating season (of course) and there is a lot of vocalization. Next time I’ll get a video with the sound. Thanks for the kind words.

  2. What a fantastic display of love and grit and courage and grace. Such luck (and yes, I agree, patience) to happen on all this. Thank you for sharing. Really exquisite shots.

    • Thanks, Nancy. I discovered it last year and I love how close one can be. Lots of mating and posturing and nest-building going on. The shots of the two face to face are involved in a mating ritual. The male has more orange on beak and legs. So cool to watch! I’ll be back!

  3. I agree, the third picture is timeless. An amazing shot. Thanks

  4. Thanks so much for this. Best compliment ever to have a nod given to patience and observation. I do try! I couldn’t take a bad picture. They were amazing!

  5. Holy gamole! That third photo blows my mind. Then I got to the two having it out with each other. You are a stunning photographer. By which I don’t mean just the result, but the power of observation and the patience to get to the point of shutter snap. Kudos!

  6. Look at ALL THOSE NESTS !!!
    What an interesting up close and personal look at one of my favorite Avians! Beautiful captures, Bon!

    • I took sooo many pictures today! A few favorites that will go great on glass (and aren’t degraded by FB) Glorious creatures. It just made my day!

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