Wordless Wednesday

Two walks, one friend and dozens of birds 💚 Wonderful Wednesday!

10 Comments on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Oh, the mallard doing yoga, that’s awesome. My chickens do that too. I can explain it, but I just LOVE seeing nature doing simple things that people do, like yawning, or stretching. Once I saw a sandpiper trip on a pile of sand on the beach and plow its little beak into the sand. I guess I think of animals as perfection, but I guess…our faults are part of our perfection.

    • Now that, is a really lovely way to see it 🩵 Imperfection is built right into the core of many cultures. Most known is probably “kintsugi” where broken pottery is made whole with gold. Embracing imperfection and flaws make a thing stronger and more beautiful.

  2. Amazing images, made even better with captions that educate those oF us who wouldn’t have a clue. Always learn something when I come to this page. ♥️

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