Sunday Surprise!

I’m used to seeing the Pied-billed grebes at Nisqually and I just love them. This morning after breakfast, we walked Yoda along Ruston Way and I was lucky enough to see this pair of Horned grebes just off of one of the docks.

A great surprise!

6 Comments on “Sunday Surprise!

  1. These shots are beautiful. Looks like the grebes fell into some wet paint. I’ve never seen such close shots of them and the colours are wonderful.

    • So surprising to see them so close to the dock in Commencement Bay. When they are in breeding plumage they are gorgeous. I’ll try to go back and look for them!

    • Great question. I *believe* it is a yellow patch on the head. The non-breeding adults have just a faint patch. The eared grebe is similar, but I think I’m guessing correctly. I’ll post on my birder page to verify.

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