If My Google Search History Was the Basis for a Movie

Every now and then, for shits and grins, I scroll through my search history on Google before I clear it out. If my life could somehow be reduced to these random inquiries, I would be in big trouble. That movie would have to be shown on a big screen with some version of a psychedelic handed out as you settled into your seat. That would insure the film buffs, druggies and curiosity seekers, for sure. Is there a more important demographic than that? I think not.ย 

Here’s a partial list (verified last Google scroll): (Not for the faint of heart)

What is an effective home treatment for anal sac inflammation in an old dog?

What does a sudden rise in BP mean?

Will a Merlin falcon kill a cat?

Why does a male mallard duck nearly drown the female during mating?

What causes painful swelling in a wrist tendon?

When is the next full moon?

Is REM sleep more important than light sleep?

See what I mean? A weird movie shaping up there for sure. I asked about the REM sleep because my dreams have been wild. The latest was a dream about the most beautiful, silky, powder-blue guinea pig. Wait? What? I’ve never had one, i’m totally unfamiliar with them, but when I looked up guinea pig, yep … that’s what it was. Crazypants. 

My sleep has been horrific, as in I’m getting very little. The benefit to that (if there is one) is that I’m weirdly attentive to my heart rate. If I lie ‘just so’ on my pillow, I can hear my heart beating: da-thump, da-thump, da-thump. It’s clear as a bell as those chambers fill and empty. One morning, my heart started racing wildly as I barely lifted my head off the pillow. It was fascinating.

Sometimes (and this will really sound crazy) I am lying in bed trying to fall asleep when behind my eyelids I see this filmstrip begin to run of a hike of mine or some beautiful place I have imagined. It clicks through each frame with crystal clarity. I marvel at this even as it is happening. I love it so much.

Then two nights ago came the smell of berry cobbler. 

I swear the smell is real and this isn’t the first time it’s happened.  It’s like someone is baking something wonderful up in the attic. I gotta say, if all of this is symptomatic of some neurological failure, spare me that assessment. It will show it itself soon enough. Right now, I’m fascinated by my own decline. 

I walked the neighborhood yesterday day with Yoda. Twice. There’s no question spring is near as all I could hear in the nine o’clock hour was a wild cacophony of birdsong. There were house sparrows and purple finches, juncos and crows. There was a tree full of bushtits and kinglets and chickadees. Of course there was that single stellars jay screaming from the tops of trees. And there on a leafless branch, a lone Bewick’s wren singing his heart out. I thought I might die right there of pure happiness. Spring is so close … โค๏ธ

So that’s the current state of things here. Time to go pore over the REI catalog and try to decide how to spend my $6.79 reward. Life is chock-full of tough choices. I best be wise about this one. 

Art by Katherine DuBose ๐Ÿ’›

14 Comments on “If My Google Search History Was the Basis for a Movie

  1. I know friends who have experienced that too. Painful for sure. My wrist is swollen on the side opposite the thumb, so I should definitely have it looked at.

  2. Yes, your searches would make a great movie! ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope you discovered swelling in the wrist tendon may be De Quervain’s tensosynovitis. I was diagnosed with it by a specialist
    last year and cortisone shots and physical therapy really helped.

  3. Well, Bonnie Rae, you got me. “Iโ€™m fascinated by my own decline,” is a feeling I definitely share, but a thought I’ve never consciously allowed myself. I mean, we’re supposed to be horrified by our decline, terrified at every lost ability, memory, or body part. I’ve long since rounded the corner on “mildly amused,” but “fascinated” is whole ‘nother perspective that I will thoroughly enjoy exploring. What a terrific way to look at our time on this mortal coil, thank you for that!

    • Love this, Scott. Yes, we are supposed to rage about all that ravages us. Wrinkles, stiff limbs, bad memory. I marvel at it all. And I’m truly fascinated when I consider that I am already aware of many things I have done for the last time. Most recently? Running. I will never likely run again. And my RA has progressed enough that my hands will never again support me in doing a push-up. (Not that I ever liked running or push-ups) Decline is a funny thing. When you hit a certain age you realize that your life and health have an arc, and despite everything you might do to reverse the trajectory, you see that you have already peaked and now you are on the down side. And you’re picking up speed. And it’s okay. It’s new territory and new terrain and a hell of an adventure ๐Ÿ’›

  4. …. I hardly know where to start… but I’m all for dreaming of berry cobbler and having coupons to spend at places that light me up, so, enjoy the midnight cinematography… but do get a little more shut-eye…*

    • Oh yes, more (and better) sleep is the forever goal. Right up there with “drink more water” which I say every year. I’m doing my best at both ๐Ÿ’• And a big yes to berry cobbler dreams!

  5. Your dreams seem marvelous. Except for the part where you aren’t sleeping. I’d say, if that’s what decline is, sign me up! I stayed the night at my friend’s home in Santa Rosa over the weekend. The first night I thought I heard a cat at the sliding glass door of the guest room. Then I dreamed that I went to check, and there was a cat, and though it was 2am, he led me out into the light of evening, in a wild field in a perfect circle surrounded by pristine Santa Rosa million-dollar homes. But in the field it was desert wildlife with sagebrush and rabbits. The cat and I played for a long time and then I went back to bed. Almost as weird as somehow knowing exactly what a powder blue guinea pig would look like. I hope your circadian rhythms get sorted out and sleep finds you.

    • Oh my, I love that!! Yep, that’s right up there on the weird scale. I don’t think I’ve ever had a memorable dream that wasn’t at least a little bit wacky. Of course I had to dig around the ol’ internet for some explanation and it seems guinea pigs are all about a giving, attentive nature and looking after the needs of others. Blue is a Universal symbol of peace and calm. I’ll take it! Cheers to both good dreams and good sleep!

  6. Your searches certainly have a variety! Mine tend toward words meanings poems, songs, bands, kid stuff, and “best” clothing options, not that I ever buy anything, and yes, symptoms. But I do hope your sleep improves when your life calms, and I wish cobbler aromas for you forever! No bewicks here, but flocks of robins! That’s spring for me.

    • I see blue sky through the skylight and I’m heading out to enjoy it before heading back into packing mode. Yes, a weird search history … variety, yes I like that! Cobbler forever and robins galore! Perfect!

  7. Gobsmacked is the word that came to mind when I saw the Moon photo. Not a word I’ve ever used, somehow seems fitting.

    • I took that photo from Stevens Canyon Road, driving the long way to Paradise from Sunrise. Awesome morning. I’m so lucky sometimes.

    • Thanks. A weird week of searches. $58 That’s significant! I spent a lot there this year but everything was on ssle (that THULE roof box, for example). But I’m happy to have any excuse to persuse the site ๐Ÿ˜

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