Superb-Owl Sunday

(And a few shots from my morning walk)

The owls were from last year. They have eluded me the past few months. I thought I might go looking today, but that is unlikely. The rest are from a morning walk at Nisqually, my happy place.

8 Comments on “Superb-Owl Sunday

  1. In the flurry of my recent life I missed this, so it was a pleasure to have a surprise post lurking in my email with such beautiful shots. There’s just something about back and tail feathers that always charms me with their magic and miracle. Thanks for your beautiful art.

  2. Gotta love the laughing great horned! Not much better than an owl, IMHO. Other than maybe GBHs. Thank you, always, for seeing them and sharing your good fortune.

    • Thanks for the encouragement to do it! Sometimes that’s the best reason of all to share: the appreciation of others for the natural world. And, oh yes, owls are best!

  3. In the dead of winter, good to find happiness and a refilling of the ‘well’ wherever we can. You are blessed to have found so many places to do that… inside as well as roaming the great PNW. Just a quick glance at your tags, tells me you excel at that, Bon. “Love” “Finding Joy” “A New Day” Dwell in happy places…*

    • Thanks for the reminder that even when things are rough I have places that bring me joy. You might think all that fresh air only opens the lungs, but it throws open my heart too. 💕 I am a very lucky human.

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