Feather and Fur Friday

Juanita Bay Park

5 Comments on “Feather and Fur Friday

  1. Otters and kingfishers are always entertaining. Loved your swan picture, Bonnie. The dog photo was like an unexpected dessert at the end of your post. 😀

  2. The rear view shot of canine and human butts made me chuckle. Wonderful photos and what a great outing!

  3. A whole family of river otters! And all of those buds made me happy. Swans have been there about a month I was told. This camera brings me more joy than I can say. Worth every penny (even considering all the headaches with my first one).

  4. River otters and pussy willows and swans! These are a few of my favorite things. (Also, I need a better camera. I saw swans on Wednesday, but . . . )

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