Imbolc, also called Saint Brigid’s Day, is a Gaelic traditional festival that marks the beginning of spring, and is celebrated from Feb. 1-2. Imbolc is not only celebrated by people who follow one particular religion, it is also celebrated by Christians, Pagans, Wiccans and Agnostic people who just want to welcome in the springtime.

A blessed day, blessed spring. The halfway point between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. Home, hearth and healing.

Pearl came home today too and we took a lovely drive to celebrate, well … everything!

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  1. After gazing out at the white frost encrusting my back deck this morning, I appreciate your reminder that Spring is coming. I just love the shot of the duck with her head tucked into her feathers for warmth. Awww. Also the hummingbird holding still. And the chickadee plucking cattail tufts. And your stunning first photo of the wren perched on a piece of bent grass. Is it a wren? Anyway, thank you. With your education here, I was prompted to send my wiccan friend an Imbolc blessings message, which I would not have known to do otherwise.

    • Yes, a marsh wren. Really hard to catch them still, so I lucked into this shot. The bird with its bill tucked in is actually a pied-billed grebe, one of my favorites. They’re like the punk rock teens of the bird world. I looked for signs of spring yesterday and didn’t happen upon a lot, but Imbolc implies something like pregnant with life and I’m all in. I just learned the word a few years ago. Lovely.

      • oh, a grebe! Thank you for correcting me. Yes, pregnant is a great way to describe us in the PNW now. I can see signs of blood flowing inside branches. But I know that in other parts of the country, right now is a time of deep freeze still.

  2. Hurrah for Imbolc (first time I hear this word, it sounds vaguely Czech), for having Pearl back home and for the celebration of everything. Count me in!

    • I remember hearing it for the first time too. I still struggle to pronounce it, but I love all that it carries.

    • What a sweet thought 💕
      Happy halfway to you as well. Lucky for me, being attentive helps me “see” better.

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