(Mostly) Wordless Wednesday

Theler Wetland Refuge in Belfair

What began as another foggy morning cleared out just enough to capture a few good shots out at Theler Wetland Trails in Belfair. It’s a new to me refuge and I loved it. I spoke with a person from Fish & Wildlife who said there is a fairly big restoration plan in the works. It may look a little different in three years.

The Whispering Branch

I went because I had heard there was a long-eared owl reported in these woods, but having never been here I mostly wandered. Eagles, hawks, herons and a few little birds welcomed me to this new place. It’s just an hour from home and every person I ran into was friendly. A good day in my book.

I just booked a five day birding trip in Central Oregon. It isn’t until May, but I am beyond excited. I’ll be staying in a little cabin at Playa at Summer Lake. It’s the place I hope to do a residency someday. There is a guided bird walk one morning with a legendary local birder. I am sooo jazzed. Hoping for a trip to BC this spring and I might just make this my summer of refuge(s). A great day!

Early morning boardwalk
The foggy view
Heart-stopper. So beautiful!
Spotted Towhee
Red-tail hawk
American bald eagle
Watching the herons with interest
On the treetop
Uh-oh …
A bit of a tussle
Making a play for that spot
Winner, winner
A meditative moment
The elusive owl? 😊
The portal …

20 Comments on “(Mostly) Wordless Wednesday

  1. I’m loving how you used the fog in these shots. Also, the retreat sounds friggin amazing and I am excited for you. I can hardly wait for May. Roadtrips and Refuges sounds excellent. I am currently making plans to go visit my cousin in Tucson in March, and make him take me out shooting. His work is professional level, but it’s just a hobby for him. I am in awe. https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/davidc-vincent Isn’t it fun to plan a photography vacation? I hope you get your chance to do the residency.

    • Yes, that retreat is something I am really looking forward to, more than anyone can even know. Your cousin has some excellent shots! That will be a good trip for you, too! I’m a little under the weather right now so it’s a perfect time to dig into spring possibilities. Hoping to check out a couple lesser visited National Parks. I’m ready!

  2. As always, stunning! Especially those heron!

    The Playa at Summer Lake is amazing! That whole area is incredible! I hiked and fly fished around the Ana River and Reservoir (just north of Summer Lake) a few years ago and found the most fascinating geology treasures. The landscape was breathtaking. It’s also where I saw the most turkey vultures just perched and sunning themselves (both at Ana Reservoir and on fences at Summer Lake).

    • I have a friend who has done residencies there over the past few years. Her photos are always just stunning. I’ve never been, although a few years ago on a birding trip to Klamath Falls I came close! I’ll be in touch before I go and maybe you can share more must-see spots on my way down and back! The heron confrontation was really cool, thanks for writing.

  3. What a wonderful discovery! I have never heard of this either. You do it wonderful justice. Thank you. Ann

    • Thanks, Ann. It was almost like I called ahead and asked them to put on a show! Next time I’ll go on a sunny day and watch the sun come up from the estuary boardwalk.

  4. These are wonderful! And I’m so happy to hear they have funding for maintenance and/or restoration. It’s such a hidden gem.

    • I can’t believe I’ve never been there! I’ll let you know next time I head that way. The Fish & Wildlife guy showed me what the plan was and said it would help the wildlife thrive. A hidden gem indeed.

  5. That looks like a nice refuge in Belfair. I was at Playa last June. Have fun! Pepper will find lots of birds for you to see.

    • You know Pepper?? How cool is that? I’m so excited. I also have friends moving to Bend in March so lots of good reasons to head that direction.

  6. A gazillion captions come to mind on that 1st bald eagle image… never have I ever seen such a compelling ‘look’ on the face of an animal/creature!

    • It was a day for raptors for sure. The hawks and eagles were on the same stretch of trail and while far away, they were close enough to get my camera on. Great day.

  7. Oh my golly gosh, you keep outdoing yourself! I can see this will be a new favorite for you. What a treasure chest of photos these are!!!! And a new adventure in May, so exciting. Good for you, excited to see where all this will take you!

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