Wordy Wednesday

Looks like rain all day today. 

More indoor projects get moved up the list as the weather falters. It’s like money in the bank come spring when the days are gravid with promise. Just as some people chart the moon phases or the tide tables, I chart twilight. The blackest night sky, the glow of moon and stars, until the light finally punches through the veil of dawn. 

I have an obsession with color and light.

I’ve been exploring apps that predict dramatic skies near sunrise. It’s helpful to have a tool that guides me, but in the end I usually go on faith. It’s that whole notion that action is full of grace and power and that once you begin to act, the Universe obliges in surprising ways. This Friday looks to hold some possibility and so the only question becomes where best to take it all in. I have a plan.

This rainy morning I am digging through my photo files seeking those unmistakeable images that capture the color and feel of each season. Solstice and equinox, solstice and equinox. It helps remind me of places I hope to revisit as well as those I will likely never witness again. Hard to just choose one. I love these mornings. 

Happy Wordy Wednesday!

Winter Solstice
Spring Equinox
Summer Solstice
Autumn Equinox

14 Comments on “Wordy Wednesday

  1. Sumptuous collection. The rainbow ice waterfall seems perfect to accompany your opening lines because it’s the right time of year and weather. My fave of this collection is the majestic volcano viewed through a break in the forest. I’m glad you are obsessed with light and colour because then you show us what reflects that for you. It dazzles our senses, too. Thank you.

    • Thanks, Crystal. Most of my photos are on an external drive and I’ll need a very deliberate effort to dig in to them, but THESE, well .. they are at my fingertips and make my heart sing. Thanks for sharing the obsession with me. Happy to have you along.

  2. Gorgeous photos! Sometimes on rainy days I put on my waterproof rainshell and water resistant leggings I go on a short hike. There is nothing quite like hiking in the rain and then coming home to warm up in a bath or with a hot cup of tea 💖

    • Thank you! So funny you should mention that. I didn’t take a rainy hike, but I did the next best thing: I walked the dog in a squall! And now I’m sitting by the fire with him relaxing before I head out for the day. You get it. Thank you for that.

    • It was a delightful romp through the seasons for sure. These are a few favorites, but so many more live on a hard drive I never see. I need a plan.

  3. Fantastic images, some of my favorites too. “until the light finally punches through the veil of dawn.” and “action is full of grace and power and that once you begin to act, the Universe obliges in surprising ways.” My songwriting teacher tells us, “energy follows intention.”

    • Thanks Gretchen, I rediscovered a few gems this morning. I need a project to bring them all together. Hmmm …

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