Ridgefield NWR Wordless Wednesday

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  1. I have never seen a coyote look quite so menacing. Great captures, Bonnie! Loved the tree silhouette with red in the background.

    • He really does look a bit like something to be feared, but he was a young pup and rather skittish. It was a great day down south.

    • Tanks, Crystal. I appreciate it. Pretty awesome day for me. I even stopped briefly at Seaquest State Park and Nisqually on the way home. A good day.

      • You must have been so filled with energy. I rarely make three stops in a day, but if the first one invigorates me, it could happen. 🙂

  2. Oh I’d thinking about a jaunt over there this week! Let me know next time you are headed that way and I’ll come meet you. Incredible pics as always Bonnie ♥️

    • Thanks, Cathy* A big yes to that! I made a last minute decision to go after abandoning my hiking plans. I’ll go back soon. Also thinking about Steigerwald NWR. Have you been? We’re due for another day out.

      • I haven’t been there and was looking at that when I was thinking about Ridgefield. Yes we are due for a day out!

    • Yes!! And there were even more but I didn’t want to go crazy. Ridgefield was a hotspot today for sure! That young coyote was only about 20 feet away and didn’t seem to care that I was nearby. Planning another Steigerwald trip soon. Meet me?

  3. Perfect wordless post, so much conveyed in those faces, Fantastic!

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