We made it. 

Last year I had a little “word soup” about what I wanted to leave behind. I’ve done that the past few years in fact, but this year I thought I should change it up a bit.


I started to think about what I’d like to make room for. Maybe it’s just a trick of the mind but I suspect it will help me focus differently as things that “made the cut” in years past are finally let go. 


Letting go really IS about making room. Getting older is a time of tightening the circle. It happens naturally through attrition and deliberately by decision. Making space allows for a perspective shift. Quality over quantity. I’m not sure it’s ever been as clear as it is for me than it is right now. 

My tarot spread was confirmation of that. I’m always awake to metaphor and coinkidink, and while I’m still processing the advice cards and trying not to bend their meaning to make me feel better, I am tempted to have someone help me read these and further simmer down the message. 

It isn’t gospel. I don’t let myself put too much weight on it, but I do love the idea of a Universe that speaks indirectly to me. Ultimately I am seeking emptiness but that has mostly proved to be much easier said than done. Just as I free my spaces of joyless things, I believe that purging the thoughts that leave me bereft is a worthwhile pursuit too. It’s a little like downsizing a home. Or burning a candle slowly down to the wick. 

With all endeavors I need only begin. 

I ended the year thinking I wanted to elevate the presence of my art in the world. But I woke up yesterday far more in love with new ideas than old. To paraphrase Elizabeth Gilbert, “You are responsible for supporting your art and not the other way around”. When my mind is empty there is more space for love. 

I didn’t choose a word for the year. 

I chose a picture. 

(And if they are worth a thousand words …then here are my thousand)

I did make a few lists and set a few goals. I choose me this year. I hope that will translate to more time on these pages and less on the doomscrolling that is social media. I hope you’ll bookmark this page and check in from time to time. You’ll find birds and words here and with any luck you’ll bear witness to a new endeavor.

Count your blessings.
Give generously of your attention.
Surround yourself with people who help you feel valued and special and loved. 

Have really wonderful moments.
It’s all we have. 

Here were a few of mine this morning.

(My sister wrote me early and said it was shaping up to be a good sunrise. This is civil twilight from my favorite Enumclaw hot spot. It kinda makes me want to belt out Amen or Hallelujah!) 

8 Comments on “2023

    • Thanks Gretchen. I just came across several of these “word soup” pieces and I love them all over again. Cheers to being inspired*

  1. Happy new year to you, my friend! The glass is mostly full; and if it gets too heavy, we can just set it down. Love to you.

  2. I like how often you want to make room for “yes.” This is a great post. Multiple ways to think about the shift from one year to another. I am fascinated that while moving from Saturday to Sunday was an arbitrary day among many of them, we humans choose to mark it, make it important, and use it as a way to think about making ourselves better. Aren’t we wonderful sometimes? Your word soup is clever as well as beautiful. I have not seen anyone else use that method like this before and I like it. Big hugs to you as you begin a fresh new year, and I’ll thank you in advance for the stunning bird photos, mountain hikes, and stories you will tell us.

    • Glad ypu noticed the YES in every nook and cranny. Yes to love and getting what I need. Yes to creativity and new horizons. Saying YES is going to feel sooo good! Thanks for being here*

  3. So very wonderful and completely inspirational. I love the tipping from letting go to making space. I’ve been so busy looking back that I haven’t fully formed any ideas for looking forward. But stuck in the right now is ok. For now. I may have to do a little mind map with words like yours. Seems like a good thing to keep front and center. Also… that glass is half full, right? Gorgeous sunrise! Thank you for all of this!

    • Thanks, friend. Yes, at least half full. And there is always the element of clarity. Also, like every year, I need to drink more water. Sigh. It’s such a simple thing, isn’t it?

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