To Be of the Day

Sunrise to sunset. It was cold as hell today (below freezing all day), but so beautiful. I wanted to make a point of being “of the day”. I wanted it to mean something. 

“I only went out for a walk, and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in.”
-John Muir

There’s just something about immersion. Into a hot bath, a book, an idea … and yes, a day. Now begins the slow return to light. It will happen so gradually we will hardly notice; a promise kept. The Universe keeping her word. 

I also had my moment of “turning over” all that no longer serves me. In a surprise twist to the late afternoon, I saw the flame at the geyser burning strong and offered my ceremonial scraps to this eternal flame. It felt right. And tonight I have some new peace* Happy Solstice. 

15 Comments on “To Be of the Day

  1. Yes, it was VERY cold (3 degrees here) but it looks like you found meaningful morsels of nature to warm your soul. Happy Solstice!

    • I did! Working outside for thirty years and a fair share of winter hiking taught me you can enjoy even the bitterest cold days if you dress properly. I’m hoping for snow tomorrow!

  2. Very impressive to do an all day hike yesterday! Wow, that is a lot of cold. And yet, in photos you told us how the really impressive thing is all those critters who stay out 24/7 in this weather. Thank you, Ann

    • Thank you, Ann. I’ve been reading up on how these birds survive the brutal cold. It’s pretty fascinating stuff. One of my favorites has returned, the varied thrush. You know it’s winter when they start showing up in backyards and parks. I saw them in both places yesterday (their song is gorgeous too). Today I’ve only managed a couple dog walks, but I’ll get out again tomorrow … hopefully in the snow!

  3. Oh so worth it! Yesterday I almost talked myself out of going for my loop walk because it was so damned cold, but sure enough…by 2 pm I couldn’t stand it anymore and walked my 5.6 mile loop. I didn’t get the awesome photos you did, but felt a part of the weather and the air and felt good about hiding indoors again for the rest of the day. That quote you used is wonderful.

    • I’m glad you got out, too! Today I’ve managed only frigid dog walks. Grateful he makes me get out no matter what!

  4. Loved the photos for this Winter Solstice post! I am looking forward to less bitter cold and more of the sun each day. I went to put groceries in the trunk of the car this evening and found that the trunk lock was frozen and the groceries would up in the front seat wearing a seat belt.

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