Time Warp Wednesday

I’ve been working on a blog post as we inch toward Winter Solstice. If there is a theme, it is light. If there is a purpose, it is just as a reminder to myself. Illumination in every form is a little bit of magical thinking tossed with generous doses of attention and clarity.

I wrote about light a couple years ago when we thought Covid would burn itself out and in the embers, something beautiful might rise up. I’m still waiting for that, but in the meantime, here is my post from 2020.

Thank you so much for being here. If you click on the words Be The Light below, you will take a walk back with me as we eagerly await the next moment. And the one after that. And the one after that … 💙


6 Comments on “Time Warp Wednesday

  1. How wonderful! New additions are always welcome. Mostly ours have been of the four-legged variety but that’s pretty happy too. With my lights up and sending a few cards, I’m starting to feel it too. There is nothing better than a handful of cards in the mail. Feeling the gratitude AND the light. Thanks so much for being here*

  2. Thank you Bonnie! We’re driving home from a wonderful trip. Your repost has gotten me in the mood for the season!! I also love many forms of light-including softer leds! As a child, I wanted Christmas lights all year. We’ll be planning new traditions this year-figuring out new family configurations due to happy additions. And we decorated before we left. I feel psyched! Thank you!

  3. My aunt is 93, blind, wheelchair bound, and lives in Seattle. She has shared with me many times that she looks forward to bright sunny days because when she sits outside that intense light allows her to see just a faint change in the darkness.

    • I love both story and metaphor here. Sometimes even a faint change in the darkness is a really wonderful surprise. Thanks for writing*

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