Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge

Nothing I could say would make this better.

Visitor Center at civil twilight
Just before sunrise
The Twins
Estuary boardwalk
American bittern
Song sparrow
Northern harrier
Bewicks wren
Brown creeper
Great blue heron
Great blue heron
Great blue heron
American bald eagle
Red-tail hawk
Juvenile bald eagle
Black- tail deer
The slow melt …

17 Comments on “Hallelujah

    • Such wonderful mornings at the refuge. Glad you like the herons, they are perfect subjects since they stay so still.

  1. You are right. No words needed. Your photos are absolutely stunning. And YOU are the one that got me to go to the Nisqually Wildlife Reserve several years ago. Thank you!

    • Thank you, Ann. I hope you get a chance to make a return trip! There is so much happening there right now, a surprise around every corner! This time of year there is magical*

    • Thank you! We’re pretty lucky around here. It snows enough to make it beautiful but rarely lingers. I love late fall*

  2. Thank you! Incredible! Surprises me people do not see Eagles but I see them by the river eating deer.

    • Thanks Jocelyn! That little snow/ice melt was irresistible! Really love it there in the snow. Less people, more of everything else!

  3. Completely exquisite. Hearts on fire. Faces of mystery. Thanks for paying careful attention and bringing it to us. Me. Bringing it to me. xxx

    • You are welcome! Looking forward to meeting up with you again at Nisqually. Or Ridgefield. Or Frenchmans Bar. Or a coffee shop in PDX. I’m planning a day trip in a couple weeks and hope to see you. Thanks for the enthusiasm, my fellow bird loving friend!

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