Sunday is for the Birds

Flaming Geyser State Park through my favorite back-door entrance. Three pileated woodpeckers and dozens of cedar waxwings were the highlights of my morning walk.

11 Comments on “Sunday is for the Birds

  1. And a Northern Flicker too? Such splendid birds in such exquisite surrounds. You did a great job making them look good. Now they can use these photos to submit to their favourite bird magazines, ha ha.

    • Haha … thanks, Crystal. I often take waaay too many photos to find the perfect one. I may venture back here again soon to see who else might be hanging around!

  2. Aren’t those pileated woodpeckers impressive? Great pictures of them, Bonnie. Love the waxwings too.

    • Oh yes, I just love them. Thank you! I’ve always struggled to get good shots of them, but these two were a delight! I’ve seen them at this location before but not this close.

    • Oh yes, that tree was fabulous. Easily the best captures I’ve ever been lucky enough to get of pileated woodpeckers!

    • I was thinking that, Nancy. They all contrived to do such perfect scenic poses: the grey tree with blue sky, the red berries, the pear. I mean, come on, they were all vying to be Bird of the Month I think. 🙂

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