Fabulous Feathered Friday

Billy Frank Jr Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge on a smoky, hazy Friday. I’m ready for Fall. 70° in October is just … weird.

Beautiful. But weird …

11 Comments on “Fabulous Feathered Friday

  1. Yes weird. And beautiful. I’ve been trying to get outside each day and soak it up. I know each one of these warm, golden days is unusual and I’m trying to appreciate them. I see in the forecast some persistent rain. It could mean the return of green soon. What a nice collection you made here, with the generosity of your subjects. <3

    • I’ve been getting out too, although the smoke has been challenging. Today I went to the Green River near where I live and the streams where I”ve seen spawning salmon are down to a trickle. We need every season. While I try to enjoy the lingering sun, I doubt that it will be worth the trade-off. Thanks for the kind words and promise of green!

  2. The colors and droplets and eyes and feathers and fur and light and shadow. So good. As for weird, is that any surprise really? Has weird become normal? I’m thinking yes.

    • You might be right about weird being the new normal. Looking forward to a fall adventure with you for photos and a good walk.

  3. What is the creature in the pond with the water plant adornments?

    • I think you’re asking about the muskrat. The other two are a Wilson’s snipe and a Virginia rail. Such a great morning!

  4. What! You photography is stunning. But that gull with the crab with water drop? What the holy heck? It’s breathtaking! It appears to be showing its catch to you, and I mean YOU.

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