Wordless Wednesday

Pinnacle Saddle at Mount Rainier

Paradise, indeed!

Pinnacle Saddle
Mount Adams through the haze
Varied Thrush
Trailshot past the Saddle
Pinnacle Peak

13 Comments on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. It’s like a string of images for a nature calendar. The combination of the myriad autumn colours, the white snow, the green trees, the blue sky…it’s stunning. A view handled well in your hands, Bonnie.

  2. I just love that you’re hiking! I’ve never hiked Lake Ingalls, so I’ll look forward to seeing what you see!

  3. So beautiful! Gets me excited to hike Lake Ingalls in a couple weeks!

    • It’s pretty gorgeous! After I was done, I drove back up to Paradise. Can you believe I have NEVER taken the road beyond the parking lot? I felt both a little stupid and a lot tickled to drive back that way. So much so, I did the loop twice. Gorgeous!

  4. I think you would love this hike, Nancy! It’s other-worldly. My jaw dropped the first time I saw it in person! Since then, I’ve done it in every season. Cool in the snow too!

  5. Breath-takingly gorgeous captures, especially some critters I don’t think I’ve ever seen before up close. Really special experience I would imagine, and The mountains! The Colors! Wow, Bon. Just Wow!

    • It was a lovely day! It’s a faitly short hike, but steep and gorgeous in fall. The hazy layers by Mt Adams was cool too. I even discovered another gorgeous road on my way home. Glad the live chat worked! You got to be there too!

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