Serenity Saturday

From yesterday. My morning walk at Sunrise Mount Rainier. Always a beautiful day at the mountain. Serenity indeed … *

Sunrise at sunrise
Sunrise meadow
Huckleberry Creek Trail
Clark’s Nutcracker
Mountain Mama
The “Bench”
The “Bench”
Huckleberry Creek Trail
Huckleberry Creek Trail
Her Majesty
Alone on the Trail

12 Comments on “Serenity Saturday

  1. Wow, Bon! Time of year and time of your life, so magnificent! The goat pics … I dont think I’ve ever seen one before. Many thanks for always taking us along on these wild and wonder-filled adventures…*

    • They are beautiful beasts to photograph as they move very slowly. I hope to get back soon and take you on, still another, wonder-filled adventure!

  2. My favorite is the one where it looks like the mountain goat is sniffing little tree tops. All of them are beautiful!

    • Thanks, Jocelyn! I’ve been looking for the goats at Sunrise all summer. This was the first time seeing one up close this year. Pretty fabulous!

  3. What Christina said. The landscapes and creatures bring me to another world, and like a very big breath or sigh, I suddenly feel so much better, no matter how good or bad I was feeling before. You have such an eye, and such a magnetic force that brings the world to your feet. Thank you.

    • So very glad to know that my sharing has a positive effect. As I mentioned, I am so lucky to live where I live and see what I see. The days where I see something stunning and know that mine are the only eyes seeing it in that moment, always blow me away.

  4. Thank you, thank you for all the places you take me! Whenever I need to calm down I click to one of your posts and scroll s-l-o-w-l-y… ahhh. Such an eye you have for the world.

    • Thank you for stopping by, Christina. It’s a quite cooperative agreement I have with the Universe: I give her my full attention and she gives me the most breathtaking views. I am a lucky woman!

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