Time Away

I had a long list of things I had hoped to accomplish these last couple days: letters, catching up on email and finishing a pesky blog post that I began but can’t seem to finish. Instead, I have rested, made some art and watched the birds. Always time well spent.

The sunrise this morning was its own distraction. I found myself exiting the freeway and driving toward the eastern sky that was ablaze in hot color. I was heading to the refuge in Ridgefield to visit my fur and feather friends, but c’mon … look at that sky. I found a quiet road to take in the morning.

I headed toward my destination with a heart more full than when I started.

And as much as I love the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge, today was a bit of a bust. It’s still summer-dry and there are people in a hurry to get quickly through this auto tour. I think they might be missing the point. Seriously. It’s a refuge. It’s something to savor, not something to accomplish. I am bewildered a lot by people these days … I’ll leave it at that.

The place I’ve called home the past couple nights is really where nature is thriving. Resident birds, familiar paths, a few enthusiastic flower blooms and a mostly spent garden. In the woods and all around, the leaves are beginning to turn and at night there is a chill in the air. THIS I love so much.

Did I mention the birds?

It’s been a lovely few days.

By the way, my friend and host Gretchen wrote a book. And as much as it may seem she wrote it for her Mother or for herself, she really wrote it for all of us. Watch for a post here later this week on how you can get your hands on a copy. It’s beautiful and honest and relevant. I think you’ll love it. I did.

10 Comments on “Time Away

  1. Sometimes you need those days of following the end of your pointed finger, not knowing where it will lead you. Kaleidoscope indeed. Bewitching, tantalizing, mesmerizing. Patience.

    • That is perfect, Nancy. Spot on. The best days are the ones full of surprise and I’ll take that kind of kaleidoscope life over every alternative.

  2. The sunrise! Stunning!! And you found Woody Woodpecker. 🙂 And some not-dead flowers. I’m glad Lena is being good (ish) company. I miss her. 💜

    • The sunrise was so surprising! I took 505 toward Toledo to get those shots. A perfect diversion. That Pileated woodpecker was a first for me there and Lena, well, she makes me so happy. I miss her now too.

  3. I have come to rely on “In Search of the Very” for my comfort-food visuals of the PNW. I love the new experiences of the Yucatan Peninsula but must admit I savor those few days in December or January when the morning temps go down to the low 60’s and with a bit of wind, I feel that tinge of chill that I sometimes miss. And as usual thanks for the accompanying words.

    • Thanks so much for writing. I wonder if being in Yakima helped make that transition easier than, say, Bellevue. Lots to love about that beautiful place you live down south. I am longing even now for 50’s and sunny. I can’t imagine loving a place more than I love this one.

    • That’s a good way to put it … kaleidoscope. I was kicking myself thinking I should have stayed put this morning. Definitely worth the detour! It just got brighter and brighter and then the fog rolled in. I’m so lucky.

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