Will She or Won’t She Wednesday?

It was a beautiful way to start my Wednesday.

Initially I worried that it was going to be “one of those days” when the little American Pipit I was trying to photograph decided she was way too busy to be bothered. I have those days plenty.

Perfect light, I’m focused … and POOF, she’s gone. Oh well. There are a hundred tries for every really good shot I take. I can live with that.

I decide after a sunrise walk to the Emmons Glacier overlook, to head up towards Burroughs Mountain. At Sourdough Ridge I see two black bears way off in the distance. I think maybe I might get a closer look from Huckleberry Ridge.


It’s a short, steep spur trail before Frozen Lake to Huckleberry Ridge. I love this trail in fall. I get over the top of the ridge and see no bears. I love this place for the solitude so I walk about a half mile down and take in the views. I’ll be back for this trail when the dirt is frozen and the colors explode. I’m thinking a few weeks …

Walking back up to the top of the ridge, I continue down and pick up the trail again towards Frozen Lake and Burroughs Mountain.

At First Burroughs I notice a weird cloud pattern developing over Her Majesty. It swirls and then hugs the top like a hat. I’ve seen it look like it was erupting before and this is a cool encore to last September. (Check out my blog from last year, linked at the end of this post.)

Mt Adams is visible off in the distance in a sea of blue waves. I love everything about this place!

I head back to Sunrise via the Rim Trail. It is “other-wordly” and just plain gorgeous.

A few birds and squirrels came out today after my less than auspicious beginning.

Shadow Lake was spectacular.

A last glimpse along the Sunrise Camp/Shadow Lake trail back to the parking lot at Sunrise.

Here’s last year’s post when she looked like she might be “blowing”. I heard from a friend on my drive back home today that “Twitter was a-twitter” with speculation about what looked like plumes of smoke coming from Her Majesty. Rest assured, it was just a lenticular cloud forming on a really lovely September day.

10 Comments on “Will She or Won’t She Wednesday?

  1. Those birds, half in the frame, particularly the first one, still resonate. Another coolness of photography and your recognition of it. Thanks.

  2. “Mt Adams is visible off in the distance in a sea of blue waves. “

    Another ‘mic drop’ moment and perfectly perfect description. WowowoW! Well done, Bon…*

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