Rise and Falls

Wordless Wednesday at Comet Falls, Van Trump Park and Van Trump Creek

Sunrise at Reflection Lake
I love me a marker πŸ’™
Van Trump Creek
Tiger Lilly
Bear Grass
Bear Grass with a lucky visitor
Jeffrey’s Shooting Star
Broadleaf Arnica
Avalanch Lily
Creeping Dogwood
Trail Shot
Comet Falls
Comet Falls
Comet Falls
Comet Falls
Comet Falls
Comet Falls
The Falls
My first Pika of 2022
Shy Guy
Young Canada Jay?
Approaching Van Trump Park
Van Trump Creek
Van Trump Creek
Casey= Badass
Casey and I
A lovely couple I met at the Falls
Today’s Happy Place

17 Comments on “Rise and Falls

  1. Lovely wildflowers, Bonnie! The pika is so cute. I have one as a character in a short story I wrote. πŸ™‚

  2. Extraordinary shots of amazing beauty, Bonnie Rae! I’d not heard of this area. Looks like a place I would love to visit! And that snowpack, wow! Thanks for sharing! 🌞

    • Thanks so much, Lisa! You would love it here. You can extend this hike to Van Trump Park and Mildred Point. Gorgeous hike!

  3. Wow… if I ever come back for another go’round on this orb, I want to be your eyes… see what you see…* Phenomenal images, Bon… not just a good eye, but exquisite timing and composition! Beauteous!

    • Aw, shucks πŸ’œ
      Thanks, Mare. You would love it there. The best part is that you really have to do the work to get such such a fabulous view. My kind of reward πŸ’œ

  4. It was great to meet you! Thank you for taking our picture and for sharing yours! You are quite talented :).

  5. Well done! And to find a parking spot in the midst of construction vehicles! (Though I’m not sure they were there this week.) Comet is a stellar falls (pun intended).

    • Haha … nice pun. No construction vehicles, but many cars in the lot and roadside in the afternoon. I forget how relentless this climb is. Amping up for my next big one!

    • My first Pika of the year! The hike was a butt kicker, but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

    • Thanks, Nancy! I needed help from G on that ID. I’m well rested this morning and thinking I need to write more about this adventure rather than just show off all the gorgeous views. Thanks for writing *

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