A Sure Thing

I make a mental note as I’m approaching the Visitors Center at Sunrise that it is 70° already and just 5:35 AM. I’m about to scribble those numbers to myself in my handy little notebook, when a Cascadian black fox passes in front of my car. It catches me off guard, but I instinctively scramble for my camera to get a shot. No such luck. He’s lightening fast.

As I return the camera to my seat. I see movement to my left. It’s the young Cascadian red fox I saw a few days ago, but this time I get a good look. I guess it’s a female because this creature is so stunningly beautiful. Her fur ranges from red to white to gray to black and those eyes! Swoon. I fall in love instantly.

As she bounds off, I see her meet up with the black fox I saw a minute ago. They seem friendly and race off together onto the Silver Forest trail from the road. I change my plan for the day (Dege Peak) and happily go off in search of them on the back side of the parking lot. I dont see them again, but it was a really lovely morning. Here was my walk … 💚

That look? Bugs dive bombing me whenever I stopped. Tis the season!

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  1. Oh how fun to change plans in a moment. Just having that frame of mind feels so good. It’s one of my favourite things about being retired. Love how your day turned out, and love those foxes, even the blurry black one. I’m surprised to see so much fur on the red fox. Is the long hair the usual, or is that winter fur still?

    • Mostly my strategy these days is just to be open to whatever the day may hold. It’s like a magic pocket full of wonder. Of course I’m lucky too. That helps. I think the fox is in some stage of molt, but others have reported seeing this multi-colored beauty so I can’t be sure. I’ll watch for her tomorrow!

  2. Cool fox photos! It looks similar the the Rocky Mountain red foxes we have seen in Yellowstone,

    • Thank you. I have a new interest in understanding their behavior and habitat now that I see them here. This one is especially stunning with the unique coloring.

  3. I thought that photo of you at the end was you scratching your head wondering how the hell you managed to see and to capture so much amazement. Just stunning all the way around. Thanks for bringing the world to me.

    • Haha, well certainly that too! The bugs are vicious this year, so in honor of the longest hike I will do this year later in August, this morning I bought bug spray AND a mosquito net just in case! So happy you enjoy my adventures!

  4. Love, love, love your escapades. Life is great especially when I see those beautiful shots of nature and life out there. Hope your pain is easing up a bit.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Sarah Lloyd

    • Hi Sarah! So wonderful to hear from you. Life really IS better with a good dose of nature. I am doing better, thanks for checking in. Hope all is well in your world 💚

  5. Looks like a wonderful day. Love those fox photos.

  6. Wonderful photos, Bonnie! I have a great deal of admiration for the fact that you get out every day AND post every day. I either get out or I write. Can’t seem to do both in the same day.

    • Thanks, Dan. I imagine one of these days those posts will dwindle, but for now, I’m all in with sharing my mornings. Especially ones like today!

  7. Gorgeous fox photos!!!! I have never heard of a Cascade black fox. So, that was a new one for me.

    • Beautiful captures, Bon! And given another day of fun and frolic among the critters, is it a safe bet that what you are seeing, up close and personal, is mating season? Glorious detour!

      • Thanks, Mare. I’m pretty sure mating season is in spring, with most kits born in May. But this could be a playful pair of adults. Marmots, too. I think they’re all so glad the stinkin’ snow is gone! It really WAS a glorious detour. Thanks for being here *

    • Thank you so much, Ann. It was such a wonderful surprise this morning. I had seen only ears and tail the other day when I was there and today I got the whole enchilada! Thanks for writing. I am so lucky some mornings!

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