Sunday Surprise

Flaming Geyser State Park

13 Comments on “Sunday Surprise

    • Thanks, Michael. Today inspired me to start looking for some better lenses to try with the mirrorless camera I bought. I love the zoom on the camera I’m using, but I can’t help but think what kind of images I might get with better glass.

      • Top lenses produce better images, but finally they are the tools, it is the photographer that makes the difference. I use a zoom 100 – 400 which I find flexible for most of the subjects I follow.

        • Oh yes, I totally agree. I’ve been using a bridge camera (Nikon P950) but recently bought a Nikon Z6 with a 50mm f/1.8 prime lens. It’s great for portraits, but I’m hoping to borrow a 400mm zoom to try. I need to try it before I make a big investment. Fingers crossed.

  1. Simply beautiful! The pose, the light on the feathers, and the patience you use to capture so many spectacular photographs.

    • Thanks, Keitha. I think this red-tail was the one with the patience today. I just had to show up!

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