Wordless Wednesday

Billy Frank Jr National Wildlife Refuge

8 Comments on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Great shots! I like how in the last one you can see that young eagle starting to get her/his white head. So cool. And that’s a sandpiper, right? You get such great looks at the birds.

    • Thanks Crystal! There were eight juveniles this morning. Eight! Wish I could have stayed for low tide at noon. As for the shore bird? Sandpiper is my best guess too but there are at least a dozen that look so similar I’m never sure until I have my birder friends ID it for me.

  2. At first I was “the swallow!!” Then “the squirrel!!” Then … They are all so cool!!!! Thank you for being our eyes!

    • Thanks, Bailey! I wish my shots of the eagles in flight had turned out better. There were eight juveniles this morning! I love it there so much.

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