What I Fell in Love With Today

If you know me, you know I fall in love all the time. With songs, books, people. I fall in love with a word, a bird song, the things that fall so effortlessly from the minds of creatives. I fall in love with cool breezes on hot days, with the cleverness of the young, the tenderness of the old.

I spend a lot of time in an attentive pose on overgrown trails. I have endless patience if I think I might glimpse a bird I can hear in the trees. I fall in love every time I hike a new trail and discover a mossy bend around a corner crawling with baby snakes, or a view that no other eyes are looking at in that very moment. I fall in love with twilght and the white moon against the starry black sky.

There’s so many heart-stopping things. So much to love. Today it was this family of swallows on a single branch above the marshy pond. My heart almost burst. I’m so lucky. When the world feels full of hate and noise, I’m so lucky I can still find some small, breathtaking thing to fall in love with.

This feels like a prayer.

And so it is.

23 Comments on “What I Fell in Love With Today

    • Thank YOU for reading! It’s really the small things that land the biggest emotional punch!

  1. Well. First: gorgeous words. Second: amazing shots. Third: really fun to to add captions. That middle one is surely the bully. The sib on the right is fed up with him. And mom is none too happy. “That dragon fly was for all of you, GDI son. And what you goin’ on actin’ like D Rump for anyway?” Or are they, as Nancy suggested, SCOTUS?

    • That’s so perfect on the captions! Hystericsl! They definitely look like the original angry birds. It’s exactly my response to SCROTUS too! And thanks for the kind words ๐Ÿ’›

  2. Lucky, patient, and a loving heart. Thanks for sharing them all. These shots are AMAZING. I know I keep saying that so I’ll have to hit up the thesaurus to express my amazement, but really. Amazing.

    • Ha,ha .. I like amazing. I was about ready to leave this morning when I caught this trio out of the corner of my eye. Again, I am rewarded for my patience and it made my day! Thanks for the kind words.

    • There is little balance and so much to fret about, but yes, there is so much to love! Thanks for writing. I got your mail this week and I love that, too ๐Ÿ’œ

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