Wordless Wednesday

Yellow warbler mama
Female black-headed grosbeak
Northern flicker
Belted Kingfisher
Red-breasted sapsucker
Violet-green swallow
Violet green swallows
Cedar waxwing
Not everyone makes it 😢

10 Comments on “Wordless Wednesday

        • I admit that I found the perfect spot to stand to let them all come to me! Now you know my secret.

        • I remember you saying when we first “met” that you were too impatient for that, preferring to keep moving! Some things do change.

        • Haha. I’ve been doing daily checks of my warbler mama. On a thirty foot path if I just stand with the nest in view of my lens, I am visited by wood pewees, swallows, sparrows, waxwings, grosbeaks, red winged blackbirds, flycatchers and a sapsucker doing flyovers to its own nest. A lovely, lazy way to bird! I don’t linger too long, I don’t want to stress mama, but for those twenty minutes I stand in awe!

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