Fabulous Feathered and Flowery Friday

Merganser duckling
Fledgeling house wren
House wren
Common Yellow-throat
Merganser Mama
Merganser Mama
Merganser Mama
Merganser Mama and ducklings
Merganser Mama and ducklings
Wilson’s warbler
Yellow warbler
Swainson’s Thrush
Oh, Happy Day!

7 Comments on “Fabulous Feathered and Flowery Friday

    • Thanks, Gretchen. Here’s my trick: I stay in one spot for an embarrassingly long time, watch for movement and take hundreds of images. That “attention thing” is the key to the Universe.

    • Today’s photos made my day! What a delightful array of birds and flowers.

    • And if I hadn’t seen it for myself I never would have imagined that sweet thing climbing into that small opening! Amazeballs!

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