Wordless Wednesday on Thursday

Another beautiful walk this morning, this time with a friend at the Kent Ponds. πŸ’š

Cinnamon Teal
Two American Bitterns
American Bittern
GBH _ Red-winged Blackbird
American Robin _ Birding 101 _ You have to be quicker than they are!
Virginia Rail

13 Comments on “Wordless Wednesday on Thursday

    • Oh, I know, right?? It actually stood there while I tried to focus. The whole thing was surreal and especially that wild fish! Thanks, Lisa!

  1. I enjoyed a lot of these, the swallows at work, the osprey, the bitterns not quite skinny enough to blend in with grass, but doing a pretty good job anyway. But the red-winged blackbird flying in front of the GBH – what a capture! And most of all the heron with the fish at the top. It blew my mind when I saw the image in my email. I clicked, half-expecting that it was some photo from a Nature program that you were promoting, but fingers crossed that it was yours. And it’s YOURS! Omigosh, how delighted you must have been.

    • I could not have been happier … or luckier that day! My friend and I had a private showing of “the catch”. These new ponds I’ve discovered are just fabulous!

  2. wow, TWO bitterns! and in such a great setting. And the heron with the fish! And the swallows with twigs! These are so lovely. And thanks for the IDs.

    • Oh, I was just giddy this morning! So happy you appreciate these sweet souls as I do. BTW, I went back and labeled my other photos! That heron made my day!

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