Happy Mother’s Day

Virginia rail Mama with chicks
Feeding the littles
Goslings with Mama
The Quartet
Virginia Rail
Virginia Rail chick
Mama with chicks

12 Comments on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. Perfect tribute. <3 What a mouthful for that baby. That was adorable. Love the pic of the chicks peering out from beneath Momma's feathers.

    • Thanks Crystal, it was a pretty cool day for sure. That video makes me smile every time. A good day for Mommas.

  2. Thank you, Bonnie Rae – I love your photos so much! Even though i don’t respond, please know you and your art are much appreciated here in Venice, CA and wherever i share them! Thank you and Happy Mother’s Day to you who have mothered many beings on your way through this life. Love, Trudy

    • Trudy! So wonderful to hear from you here. I’ve been thinking of you a lot lately. Sending lots of love and white lightđź’™

  3. What a lovely collection of chicks and ducks and babes and Mother Nature, all at the business end of your amazing lens and artist’s eye…*. Happy Mother’s Day, Bon…*

    • Thanks, Mare. It was one of the best mornings ever! I have more than my share of luck sometimes!

  4. Yes! Wonderful glimpses of spring. Loved it all-and particularly the little video!

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