Monochrome Monday

8 Comments on “Monochrome Monday

    • Ahhh, a good choice then. Monochrome shots have their own way of implying movement. I can’t wait to start sharing my mountain again.

    • Thanks, Mare ! It was such a serendipitous sighting. An unexpected bird in an unexpected place at an unexpected time!

  1. I love the way the black and white shows up the textures of the regal eagle! I’m a tad texture obsessed: I’m not fast enough to catch many of the birds here is AZ but the lizards pose and their textures are amazing!

    • Oh yes, the textures! I’m guessing the lizards would be wonderful to photograph provided they are slow and not too big 🙃 I have a couple Great Blue herons I’m saving for later. The feather pattern on them is striking too.

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