Wordless Wednesday

Toppenish NWR
Birding trail
Juvenile white-crowmed sparrow (?)
Cinnamon Teal
Toppenish Visitor Center
Black-necked Stilt
Tundra Swan
I saw two people all day
This was all over parts of the path
American Kestral
Black-billed Magpie
Yellow-rumped Warbler
Union Gap
O M G!
At Snoqualmie Pass
Denny Creek

11 Comments on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. I am a huge fan of tamales and would be willing to drive a long way for good ones! Pedro and I found a place with good ones and had them for our Christmas feast last year. I think Christmas tamales might be our new holiday tradition. Your bird photos are outstanding as always. I appreciate that you identified them all for us.

    • Worth a trip! The canyon area is beautiful all year round. Good hiking over there too. I think you’d love the area around Leavenworth too. Have you ever been?

      • Yep. I tend to hike the Enchantments about once a year, and always stay in Leavenworth the night before I begin hiking, for some luxury before I go live in the mountains for a while. I’ve explored Roslyn too, because I was a big Northern Exposure fan, back in the day. That’s about it though. I’m sure there is more to see. Pedro and I came through on highway 2 in February after staying in Bothell. I’ve been on 90 several times. Which canyon do you mean?

    • Yes, a very good day! I listened to Joan Didion’s Year of Magical Thinking. Almost exactly the perfect length for my drive!

  2. Swans! So beautiful. And a magpie. Jo Ann had a magpie in a big cage in the woods back in the day. Looks like a lovely day. How long a drive was it?

    • Almost three hours taking I-90. It’s a nice refuge but I probably won’t go again. I’m definitely a western Washington girl. Dry grass, ticks and snakes are just not all that appealing, but those tamales were heavenly. There’s that.

    • Thanks, Nancy. Not sure I’d make a day of it again, but it was lovely. The tamales are James Beard award winners. Worth the drive all on their own!

      • When I lived in Federal Way one of my neighbors new about Los Hernandez in Union Gap. I always stopped to buy tamales on the way home if I went to that area to visit. They are delicious! One of your pictures surprised me because I recognized the Kestrel before I saw the caption. Good to know that I haven’t lost all of my marbles.

        • Good job, Keitha! I think some birds are meant to stay in our memory. There were a couple kestrals and a nesting mourning dove!

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