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Nisqually NWR

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    • Tuxedo duck. I like it! These ring-neck ed ducks have been hanging out for weeks. Today was the first time I saw females. The Rufous is a sure sign of spring โš˜ Really good to be out again. Hiking soon!

  1. Each of those pics is spectacular! What kind of babe is it?

    • Thank you, Bailey ! There is a bushtit nest near where they nested last year. This is actually a shot of an adult. They are tiny little birds. I will keep my eyes peeled for babies in the coming weeks!

      • I was thinking it was early for a babe but it was so fluffy!! Glad you were back to visit!!

        • They are just the sweetest. I watched carefully for quite awhile and noticed both male and female building the nest. The female has yellow eyes, the male’s are ink black. I got one photo with both of them so I could verify that. So cool to watch.

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