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This has been a challenging five weeks. I have so much to say, so much to write, but for now I’d like to share this short piece I wrote for a friend’s website on caregiving. (Click on A Story of the Times above.)

I encourage you to take a look at the whole site. It’s already proved to be such a valuable resource for me and it has been so thoughtfully put together. There is a SUBSCRIBE button on the page for a newsletter that will share new stories and new content. There is also the section where you can share stories of your own. If you have been a care partner to others in the past, or anticipate that role in the future, trust me when I say you will appreciate every tidbit in these pages.

As I write this morning, Mom has been doing great. I am so proud of how our family has stepped in and stepped up to help make this an environment for healing. Mom is beginning to thrive. She is a motivated patient and works harder than anyone I know to stay strong and engaged and healthy. There is more to the whole story and I will share that in time. For now, check out a post from earlier in our journey. Time and love are the great healers. Hang in there. It gets better 💙

(You’ll find my story under the Your Stories tab)

14 Comments on “How It’s Been

    • And it’s enough 💙 I am learning so much and especially how much a body can withstand and recover from. Such a miracle.

  1. It’s a gift. Yours to her. Hers to you. Time is a gift. Grace is a gift. Patience, also a gift, especially for those of us who never majored in it…* You are a wonderful daughter, giving, helping, believing, enabling, LOVING. You are ALL in good hands, together. The Gift…*

    • The longer I live, the clearer the definitions of such things become. “Gift” used to be something entirely different to me. Grace, patience, time .. yes, these are the gifts that mean something. Thanks so much for being my touchstone this month. THAT has been a gift too 💙

  2. You’re the best. Best daughter, best care partner, best teammate, best promoter, best friend. Thank you. I’m so glad your mom is thriving. I hope she knows she has you to thank, and can share her gratitude. If not, and for others whose loved one can’t, know that it’s in there somewhere, unable to get out. 💜

  3. You all are doing the best you can, I’m sure of it. What you wrote, all the questions, that’s really eye-opening. I wish your mom quick recovery and send some extra strength to you with much love.

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