Another Wordless Day

Not to worry though, the words will come.

Yoda and I got out to Flaming Geyser State Park today. Even the drive is beautiful. The trails are a muddy mess but we don’t care!

Don’t worry, we were parked.
American Kestral
Just some cool chicks
Highland Cow
Highland Cow
Muddy mess
No, really …
Young Highland Cow
Caption this !
Spotted Towhee
House Finch (I think)

12 Comments on “Another Wordless Day

  1. No words needed, Bonnie. Your portraits of wild and domesticated creatures, and your faithful companion, speak for themselves. Lovely.

    • Thank you so much. A lovely cast of characters that day. Off tomorrow to another refuge and maybe a new birding spot!

  2. What a group of characters-I could see them at our funky coffee shop! Love Yoda’s posing too! He fits right in.

    • They really are! The drive through the farmland of Green River Valley is one of my favorites. Yoda loves it too. I pull over occasionally and let him get a glimpse. 😊

    • Yes, it really is! Those cows are full of so much personality. They don’t “do” much but they are so expressive! I hope to get to Ridgefield this coming week, but we’ll see how it goes. Fingers crossed!

  3. Caption this? How about “Splish Splash I’m taking a bath!”

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